WishRing 2-pin Waterproof Rainproof Professional Heavy Duty Shoulder Remote Speaker Mic Microphone PTT Compatible with K Plug Radio

Product Description

This speaker makes you don't need to carry your radio when you are talking and listening.

You can use your radio easily and quickly since push-to-talk button and microphone are located on the accessory.

A strong swivel retaining clip on the back for convenience. Heavy duty and Compact Design.

Compatible with :* TK Series: Pro-Talk, Pro-Power Free-Talk, Protalk XLS * TK Series: TK-2000/3000, TK-2160/3160, TK-2170/3170, TK-2202/3202, TK-2312/3312, TK-2360/3360, TK-2201/3201/3301, TK-2100/3100, TK-2101/3101, TK-2102/3102, TK-2107/3107, TK-2118/3118, TK-2130/3130, TK-2200/3200, TK-2202/3202, TK-2206/3206, TK-

2207/3207, TK-208/308, TK-220/320, TK-240/340, TK-240D/340D, TK-248/348, TK-250/350, TK-260/360, TK-260G/360G, TK-270/370, TK-270G/370G, TK-272/372, TK-272G/372G, TK-273/373, TK-278G/378G, TK-430, TK-431,

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