Communication Data Adapters, ABS Passive Serial Converter Adapter Point To Multipoint for All in One Card for Access Control System

Product Description

This is a converter that is very suitable for troubleshooting serial systems,and is completely plug and play and very convenient to use.

The converter is used between the main control machines, between the main control machine and the single chip microcomputer or peripheral equipment to form a point to single point, point to multipoint remote multi machine communication network, which can realize multi machine responsecommunication.

The converter converts the TXD and RXD signals of the RS-232 serial port into a two wire balanced half duplex RS-485 signal, which does not require an external power supply, but takes power through the serial port.

The circuit is equipped with an automatic transceiver conversion device, and the anti collision I / O circuit automatically controls the direction of the data flow, thus ensuring that the program written in the RS‑232 mode can run stably in the RS‑485 mode without changing it, ensuring that it is suitable for current Some operating software and interface hardware.

Miniature isolated converters can help you obtain accurate data and prevent damage to your valuable equipment.

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