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Silk Protein Shampoo

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  • DEEP HYDRATION - You already know what it feels like when your hair is dry. It gets frizzy, the ends split, it's brittle, and worst of all - you spend hours every day worrying about the embarrassing white flakes that come from dandruff. This is why we created Silk Protein - it features a unique blend of 13 silk proteins that work together to moisturize the scalp, penetrate the hair follicle deeply and eliminate dryness and dandruff.
  • NUTRIENT RICH FORMULA - With your first use, this formula goes right to work with a rich, creamy lather, cleansing your hair of toxins and eliminating damaging buildup. Since it's infused with vital nutrients to cleanse and heal your hair, you will notice a difference almost immediately - with soft, silky, hair that grows stronger with every use.
  • NO HARSHNESS - This shampoo has been created using the best natural ingredients. We know to give you a shiny, clean beautiful head of hair you can be proud of, we have to provide you with a formula that contains no harsh cleansing agents. That's why Silk Protein is free of ammonium lauryl, paraben, alcohol, gluten, or sodium chloride - all harmful chemicals known to cause lasting damage to hair.
  • VERSATILE STRENGTH - Whether you need to repair your hair from damage and dryness, or just want a daily cleanser that will let you look and feel your best, we've got you covered. This formula is mild enough to cleanse with daily use, and powerful enough to reverse damage.
  • YOU'RE GUARANTEED TO LOVE IT - If for any reason, you aren't happy with your Silk Protein, just send it back to us for a prompt and full refund. We want to help you make your personal care as easy and worry free as possible, by putting a nutrient rich formula in your hands that you can use with confidence. If you don't feel like we have done that, let us know. So Order Now, knowing that your purchase is protected with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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