Better 3D View Passive 3D Glasses – Compatible with All Passive 3D TVs and REALD 3D cinemas. Not Compatible with projectors and Active 3D.

Product Description

PASSIVE 3D GLASSES: Our 3D glasses are to be used with TVs that use the Passive 3D technology to create 3D image. The most common TVs using this technology are LG, Panasonic and Vizio. They can further be used with all REALD 3D cinemas. (Same technology). They can NOT be used with IMAX theaters, 3D projectors and Active 3D technology.

DO THESE WORK FOR YOUR SETUP? Check the 3D glasses that were included with your TV. If they do not have batteries and can not be charged, the TV uses Passive 3D technology and these 3D glasses will work. If they need to be charged, have batteries or a USB or blue tooth connection, then the TV in fact uses Active 3D and these Passive 3D glasses won’t work.

HIGH QUALITY: Better 3D View passive 3D glasses are made of T90 material. This material is light, strong and flexible. As a result the 3D glasses are extremely lightweight, yet do not feel flimsy and sit firmly around the head. Furthermore, the lens is thicker than other passive 3D glasses, assuring longer longevity.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Included in the box are two pairs of passive 3D glasses and two microfiber pouches. The pouches can be used for easy storage as well as for clearning the lenses. Protect your investment for years to come.

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