Calculated Industries 44080 Construction Master Pro-Desktop Advanced Construction Math Feet-Inch-Fraction Calculator with Trig Tool for Architects, Estimators, Contractors, Builders and Remodelers

Product Description

SOLVE ALL YOUR DIMENSIONAL MATH quickly and accurately with the award-winning CM Pro-Desktop construction calculator’s powerful built-in solutions for building; and full trig functions with sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine and arctangent

LETS YOU EFFORTLESSLY WORK IN AND CONVERT between all common building dimension formats: feet-inch-fractions, decimal feet-inches, yards and metric -- including area and volume. Plus weight-per-volume and D: M: S to decimal degree conversions too

TIME-SAVING BUILT-IN FUNCTIONS for right angles give you instant solutions for square-ups, rafters (hip, valley, jacks), rake-walls, slopes, angles and more. Plus complete stair layout, advanced solutions for arcs, arches, circles, columns and more

HELPS YOU PREVENT COSTLY MATERIAL WASTE with built-in solutions for roofing, drywall, studs, blocks, concrete footings and board-feet lumber estimating. Plus compound miter functions help avoid errors when working with crown molding and other millwork

INVALUABLE' TOOL PAYS FOR ITSELF by reducing headaches, saving time and preventing expensive material errors on your projects, from the office to the field. Comes with a large digits on easy-to-see multi-position tilt display LCD, easy-to-follow user’s guide, plus a pocket reference guide in Spanish, full-size keys, long-life battery and full one-year limited

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