Epica Digital Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Radio, Flashlight, Smartphone Charger with NOAA Certified Weather Alert & Cable-ONE Cable Does All

Product Description

ARE YOU READY FOR WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT? Epica’s compact, lightweight device includes a 3-band radio (standard AM and FM broadcast frequency plus NOAA VHF weather frequencies), a 3-LED flashlight, mobile phone charger , and 3 ways to charge (crank, solar panel, and plug-in).

NEVER BE LEFT WITH ANALOG AGAIN: We all hate fumbling with tiny analog station tuners and coming up with a weak or distorted signal. When getting the station right matters, pick up your Epica digital tuner. And when tuning at night or in lights-out situations, the simple backlight and digital liquid crystal display allows you to see everything crystal clear.

COMPACT AND BUILT TO LAST: You don’t always know what the future holds, which is why Epica designed to slip easily into a large jacket pocket or attach it to your belt with the sturdy carabiner clip.

POWER UP IN ANY SITUATION: Want to be the most reliable one in a pinch? Other radios, phones and flashlights go dark. But you can power up effortlessly through plug-in, solar power, or crank—1 minute of easy cranking and you have a full 20 minutes of power!

CONSTRUCTED FOR WHATEVER LIFE HAS IN STORE: When there’s an emergency, you need rugged tools to see you through. That’s why Epica packed our signature digital emergency weather alert and cable-one smart-charging flashlight into a rugged, water resistant casing that can take a beating and keep on going.

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