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The Ruby Recorder Music Theory Book 2 is only for recorder players! Follow the recorderbods through the book as they take you on a progressive journey that continues from Book 1. Book 2 is designed for players who know basic theory, and covers the theory behind grades 3-5 recorder. All examples and exercises are in treble clef. Includes sections on: Key Signatures, Circle of Fifths, Time Signatures, Intervals, Cadences, Note Values, Triplets, Duplets, Musical Terms, Symbols, Ornaments, Articulation Markings and includes Interesting Recorder Facts and a musical history that relates especially to the recorder, and much more. With clear explanations, plenty of easy (and trickier) exercises, puzzles, opportunities to be creative, regular checks so you can see how you’re doing, the book will also help you to understand the theory behind aural tests. This version has UK terminology (semibreves / minims etc). The same book but with US terms is available in an alternative version. Ideal for recorder players young and old, covering all you need to know for grades 3-5 recorder. Answers are available on the Secret Recorder Page at our website. Details are in the book. For more Ruby Recorder books including solo books, festive books, and duet books for many instrument combinations, as well as free stuff, please visit

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