Wayfarer Sunglasses and Yellow Tinted Computer Glasses Eye Strain Perfect for Gaming Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses Or Shooting Anti Blue Light Rays & UV UVB Protection Frames For Women and Men

Product Description

YELLOW LENSES FOR BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION Computer gaming glasses contain yellow tinted lenses that fight this damaging blue light and prevent and improve digital eye strain resulting in less headaches and fatigue as well as better sleep as well. Yellow lenses actually counteract the effects of the harmful blue light rays that come from digital devices we come into contact with everyday including but not limited to smart phones desktop computers laptops and even tablets.

UVA/UVB LENSES FOR SUN PROTECTION In addition to these stylish specs being blue blockers they are also incredibly effective UVA/UVB blockers perfect for a variety of outdoor activities including driving shooting and sports. These sunglasses give maximum UV protection and are a very important piece in the sun safety puzzle. This classic pair is made for ultra-eye protection

HIGH QUALITY LENSES AND FRAMES This pair of superb sunglasses and computer glasses is made from maximum durability materials. Made with custom impact resistant material these ultra-lightweight plastic frames are strong and are not just fashionable and stylish but flexible and functional as well. The classic composite frames contain high quality anti scratch anti-glare and anti-reflective lenses which are further protected by the custom made carrying case these versatile unisex glasses come with.

PRESERVES VISION With adequately relaxed eye muscles, you can prevent frustrating eye afflictions such as dry eye blurry vision sore eyes and headaches. Reducing eyestrain stress and fatigue on your eyes caused by either harmful blue light inside or damaging UV rays outside, this well-made safety eye-wear will preserve your vision and keep it clear and sharp for years to come.

OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 60 Day Warranty Included - If for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase of fashionable Wayfarer Computer Sunglasses with UV Protection and Carrying Case, you may return it for a full refund. Included warranty protects purchaser from defects, breakage or dissatisfaction.

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